Two Part Senior Session | Madison Holston

Madison’s senior photos were special for a unique reason…for the first time in over 13 years in business, I couldn’t finish an entire portrait session due to weather!  I am diligent about checking the forecast several days leading up to all my sessions and even the day of to confirm that we won’t run into any issues.  On this particular day, I even sent Madison’s mom a screenshot of the weather app that showed sunny skies for the remainder of the day.  Weather peeps couldn’t have been more wrong!!  🤦‍♀️  I’ll get back to that…

Madison, her mom, sisters, aunt, and cousins all joined in to help assist for the photos!  I LOVE when I get to meet the family… the dynamic is so fun and casual and it even helps the senior to relax and be more at ease for their photos.  💕  We met at the William and Mary Campus with the goal to recreate an old photo of the three sisters on a bridge and get the brick walkways.  We accomplished that, but it began to sprinkle soon after and didn’t let up….and then it began to pour!  Once lightning and thunder started, it was safe to say we had to quit and come together another day.  I love me a good rainy day photo, but when it’s legit storming outside, it’s probably not too safe to continue, haha.

A friend of Madison lives near a private beach access and offered for us to take her photos there when we met for round two of her senior photos.  It was beautiful and sunny this time around!  Madison’s mom, sisters, her friend Kyera, and her boyfriend Carter came along!

Congrats to Madison on her upcoming high school graduation this spring!!  She’s headed to the University of Alabama in the fall to study Physical Therapy.  Enjoy some of my favorite photos from our time together! ❤️

~Alanna LoGioco

This was the photo Madison’s mom wanted to recreate of her three girls.  I love when clients want to remake an old photo…it’s symbolic and something they’ll cherish forever!

These are Madison’s sweet sisters, Avery and Alex.  They’re total champs smiling despite being pelted by the rain that was starting to come down hard.

And this was about the last photo we took for round one of Madison’s photos because the lightning and thunder were rolling through.

Which brings us to round two on the beautiful private beach access with nothing but perfect 70 degree temps and sunny skies!  🙌

Madison’s boyfriend, Carter, was around this time so we got some pics of them together.  Admittedly, I took WAY more photos of these two than was necessary, but they were so stinkin’ cute.  This is Madison’s senior session after all, so I refrained from posting too many…even though it was hard not to.  LOL. 

I always encourage my seniors to incorporate something personal that represents this time of their life.  These photos make the session that much more meaningful and special!

Carter stepped in as my model while Madison switched outfits!  🤗

We totally took advantage of the gorgeous tree-lined road leading into the quiet private neighborhood.  

Thank you Kyera for offering up the beach access in your neighborhood!  These girls are both headed to the University of Alabama in the fall!  Love that these two friends will be able to experience an out-of-state college together!psst>> check out a Group Senior Session at William and Mary Campus here.

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