Real Estate Checklist – Get Your Home Photo Ready!

If you’ve ever sold a home, you know how involved the process can be.  One important step that should not be overlooked is preparing your house for the listing.  This involves decluttering, organizing, furniture rearranging, updating, repairing, cleaning, etc.  I have photographed hundreds of homes and have seen the good, the bad, and frankly..the ugly.  It is my job to produce quality images that showcase the home in the best way possible.  Crappy listing photos are doing you no favors.  We’ve all seen those vertical overblown cell phone shots that make the room look small and narrow.  Prospective homebuyers rely heavily on the images they view online and if the photos make a home look dark and dingy or unflattering in any way, then they will likely pass.

As a photographer, I can certainly do a lot to make the home look inviting and warm..  BUT… my magic can only go so far.  Too often I arrive for a photo shoot and the home is not ready.  Clutter on the floors, dogs in view of the camera (I love dogs, but they should never be in real estate photos), dirty dishes in the sink, unmade beds, and unclean toilets (just, yuck!!).  It’s discouraging for the photographer as well as the homeowner as they are feeling rushed and stressed to prepare each room separately within certain time constraints.

The homeowner MUST take their real estate photo shoot seriously because these photos are the special sauce to getting an offer.  This requires preparation and some staging before the photographer arrives.  I created a doable checklist that can help homeowners feel confident their home is prepared for the best possible listing photos.  Having everything completed in advance takes the pressure off the homeowner and the photographer on the day of the shoot.  Rather than shifting clutter from one room to the next, the focus will truly be on capturing the highlights and features of the home!

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