Merry Christmas!

This will be a short post as I am preparing to wrap up (literally) the things on my to do list before Christmas arrives in SIX DAYS!!!  Printed photos are always a favorite for easy gift ideas so I’m feeling all nostalgic as I’m going through old photos of my babies.  They are only 6 and 4 now, but my, how they have grown!  Christmas has become magical all over again since I became a parent.  You see things fresh and new through their eyes and the excitement is palpable!

Unfortunately, I know that this season is especially difficult for those who are dealing with hardships, illness, or the loss of a loved one.  Christmas only intensifies the emotions of those suffering with grief and sadness.  I am constantly reminded by how blessed we are which makes me cherish each and every day with family and friends that much more.  All the stress of holiday decorating and present shopping becomes so trivial in comparison.  Focus on what’s important!  Show love, gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness this season.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a joyous 2018!!

These photos were taken to commemorate both of my kids’ first Christmas.


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