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Introducing: Women’s Empowerment sessions!!!! I have been dreaming of offering something like this for the last year and I finally got my butt in gear and am making it happen!

Let me explain… as women, we lead busy lives caring for our family, our children, keeping the house afloat, furthering our education, running a home business, or working long hours in the office and then coming home to run another load of laundry, helping the kids with homework, and then barely having a moment to breathe before we get up and do it all over again. We rarely get an opportunity for self-care or to pamper ourselves as the daily rut only continues to pick up speed.
Women deserve to hit pause for a moment and put the focus on themselves. When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy, amiright?! My hope is that these sessions will give women an opportunity to breathe, laugh, smile, feel beautiful, and gain more self-confidence. While boudoir photography may accomplish those things for some, it’s not for everyone. After all, wouldn’t you love to publicly share your photos online or hear your children say that mommy looks like a princess?
Pull out all the stops!  Pamper yourself and feel like a celebrity.  I have makeup artists and hair stylists I can recommend.  Dust off that gown you’ve been longing to have an excuse to wear.  Grab those statement necklace and earrings.  Be bold, be daring.  Feel empowered!  You deserve it!!
A HUGE thank you to my gorgeous model, Dani, for helping bring my vision to life.  She embodies women empowerment and I’m psyched to kick off my empowerment sessions with her beautiful images!
Here’s what Dani has to say about her Women Empowerment session:
“I am a mother, a partner, a student midwife, a yoga instructor, a small business owner, and a homesteader. And within all of this I’m working towards an all encompassing self love. Woman’s empowerment looks different for each person, but for me it feels and looks like love. As I spent time working to embody this, I found I was looking at divine feminine wisdom. And by upholding my goals for self care and self love I was honoring the divine.

So when Alanna was offering women’s empowerment sessions I was delighted. I wanted to show that love to myself! I provide love and nurturing for my family, my clients and their families. And when the day ends it’s difficult to follow through with my self care because of sheer exhaustion. This session brought me such joy and I am in awe that Alanna captured so much of my light.” ~Dani Wright

One of my favorite images of the day!!Umm…cover of Vogue right here?!Check out these yoga skills!!  Jealous!  Brb…need to do some stretching.Another fave from the day!
pssst>> check out a fun women’s headshot session here
~Alanna LoGioco
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