Dail Family | Oak Grove Lake Park

Where do I even begin??!  Ahh, 2009….Heather and Ricky were high school sweethearts and recently became engaged.  They were looking for a photographer to capture their engagement photos and their wedding day for the following year.  They reached out to me and the rest is history.  Photo sessions have been dotted throughout the years ~ Engagement photos, wedding day, first pregnancy, baby girl #1’s first year, second pregnancy, baby girl #2’s first year, and now their baby girl #3 has arrived and I’m here for it!! Literally.  I had to verify this, but they are in fact, my longest standing client!!  (You were right, Ricky!!)  And I can’t even call them clients, I consider them friends!  I always look forward to our sessions, to see how they’ve been, and how big the girls have grown.  The oldest, Brielle, gave me the biggest hug and held my hand as we walked around the park (my heart was in a puddle, you guys!!).

When we scheduled this session over two months ago, we were slightly concerned about the weather being too cold for the baby.  BUT joke’s on us!  It was 60+ degrees outside and absolutely perfect!  In the dead of winter.  I mean, honestly… normally I’d be a little miffed that I don’t have my snow yet, but we were ecstatic about the temps for our photos.  Enjoy our ‘walk in the park’ from this weekend and CONGRATS to you Heather and Ricky.  I love your sweet little family!  💕  Oh and by the way… I’ve got some blast from the past photos at the end!  😉

Did I mention it was over 60 degrees at the park this weekend?  Well 3,435 other people realized that too and decided to enjoy the unseasonably warm day there so this photo was not easy to get, but it turned out to be one of my favorites! 

The girls requested a silly photo so of course I obliged!

OMG….Love this one!!!  Gorgeous!

From 2009 through 2020~ 🙌😍😍😍😍😍

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